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Bay Area native Gabe Carmona, is a Nashville based recording artist, music producer, composer, sound designer and mixing engineer.
"As a recording artist, band director, writer and studio musician, I have tracked at studios all over the world including Warner Music Group Capitol Records, Sony, Universal Music Group studios, and events with iHeart and many others. 
In addition to my concert performances, I've also hosted software and hardware gear seminars, musical theory sessions, and performance master sessions for Roland, Yamaha, KORG, and Gibson. After years of touring, I now call Nashville home."
About his shift to independent, Gabe says, “After years of touring coupled with a move to Nashville, I was really excited to finally get off the road, sit at my piano, create, and ultimately release an album on my own record label. The timing just felt right to launch. From there, 88kMedia was born.
Experiencing firsthand how the music industry has changed over the years, I thought it was time to take a leap of faith and take complete advantage of the new technology and social media that was now at my disposal - putting the music entirely back into my own hands, giving me creative freedom, and giving the fans a direct experience exactly the way I hear and feel it with no restrictions. 
In 2020, I built my new home, G Suite Studio.”
For me, music has always been universal. It's a powerful energy with the ability to touch so many all over the world. I have always respected the art of music, the organic/creative process, and the privilege to take the listener on a journey. Whether I am performing or producing R&B, HipHop, Smooth Jazz, Latin, Pop, Cinematic, or Country, I approach the process the same, organically and at the piano. 
With each production, I explore sound design options. Although I have used "out of the box" sounds and samplers from Output and others, I definitely enjoy creating original sounds, manipulating them to create a unique sound or feeling for each track. Fun fact, I have been approached to drop a piano riff sound pack; not sure when I can, maybe in 2021. In addition to these opportunities, I recently partnered to start productions and placements for BBC, NatGeo, BravoTV,  The Discovery Channel, Temponaut Timelapse, MTV, Focus Features, Fox, MMA, VH1 and others. In fact, my track 'Touch' was recently featured on the E! Network.
Now that my new studio, "The G Suite" is built and fully functional, I look forward to creating new productions. Until then, I will continue to build my network of artists, labels, AR's and fellow music makers.
I would also like to thank each partner/group that I have collaborated with, past and present. It's been a journey for sure; so track and/or write at so many beautiful studios including Universal Music Group, Capitol Records (CA), Sony Music, and Warner Brothers to name a few, has been truly rewarding.
Stay tuned on all social media platforms, my blog, and by signing up to the GC Music Newsletter! Much Love! - Gabe
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