Welcome to the GEAR page.
This is a new page, but keep checking back as I will be updating this page often to showcase new gear, studio tips, videos, blog links, software and hardware recommendations, including my own creations using featured gear. For now, check out the links below of some of my favorite tools used during the creation of the G Suite Album.

Product Links

As a proud user of OUTPUT product lines, I recommend the entire Studio Collection. Be sure to sign up to gain access to "game-changing, playable sample playground with new content every day." For me, after years of touring and sampling product from companies such as KORG, ROLAND, including plugins and many others, I have to say OUTPUT continues to keep me inspired. 
During the mix and EQ sessions of The G Suite Album, I leveraged SLATE DIGITAL's tools to bring the project to life. Be sure to click on this banner and gain the ALL ACCESS PASS to experience the Slate tools!
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